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I totally hear you about the parents thing-- my parents are stubborn and rarely listen to anything their doctors say-- if they even go to the doctor! I'll be over at their house and my mom will say something like, "I've had this swelling in the back of my neck for like 3 weeks now" and I'm all, "Mom! You have to go to the doctor" and she's all, "I'm fine! Its nothing". Its frustrating and scary as hell.

concrete jungle dc

i know! it's so hard to sit back and let it happen. it's so upsetting.


It's so refrreshing to read about you and other bloggers opening up! I can understand how you feel envy of others in your field. I see others in mine who seem to be so much farther along than I am at our age and it stresses me out. But I know life happens at different paces for different people. :)

concrete jungle dc

i did everything late so i'm used to it. but it doesn't make it any easier to watch!

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